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Posted: Friday, October 27, 2017 2:44 PM


Hi! I just wanted to send you a warm welcome!! We are very excited that you have decided to join our team! We hope this will be a beneficial relationship for both parties!

I am going to go over a few of our policies in this email so that you have a reference sheet to go back to if you have questions. Of course we are always available for questions and concerns.

First let’s go over our policy involving checking in and schedule.

Check in and Schedule:

Please set yourself a schedule as if this is a regular job. Working at least 3 days a week for a set shift is going to make things much more successful for you financially. Work this out with your personal booking agent.
Please check in every morning with your scheduler. So that we know when to post for you and when you will be ready to take appointments.
We understand that things come up that are beyond our control please let us know in a timely fashion when you can not work your scheduled shift so that we can re-book any appointments.
Please let your booker know when you are on your way to your appointments, when you arrive and are safe and again when you leave.
Please arrive at your appointments on time. Their time and your bookers time is just as valuable as yours. Please be respectful.
At the end of every appointment let your booker know you are done and the amount you collected.
We pride ourselves on 1000% discretion. We ask the same of you. We do not discuss services with clients or anything about you personally.

Do’s and Don’ts:
Before every work day make sure you restock any items you are out of ie) massage oil, protect, mints or mouthwash for freshening breath…. (we do not provide these items and do not trust that the client will have condoms on hand)
Arrive to your appointments dressed in everyday outfits. Look like a normal hotel guest or friend stopping by someone’s house. Dressing super sexy only brings attention to yourself. We don’t want that and nor should you.
Take pride in your appearance keep in mind the clients are buying a fantasy. If you look great you will probably earn more tips and gain regular clients. Treat yourself to a mani/pedi, get your hair done whatever makes you feel good.
Please remember to greet each client with a smile. Make them feel safe and welcomed. Something that we often forget is that the clients are just as nervous at first as we are. It’s our job to put them at ease.
Do not wear heavy perfumes or smell like smoke when greeting a client. Keep in mind that many of our clients have wives or must return to work. Try to use light body sprays instead of perfumes. Smelling good is important but lingering smells will get our clients in trouble and won’t return ;)
If you have a hotel appointment please arrive 15-30 minutes early to take a look around the parking lot to make sure of your safety. If you notice anyone on a laptop in their automobile. Leave.
Remember to be professional. This is a job. Treat your clients and booker with respect. Remember without them there wouldn’t be money in your hands.
Be discreet. Most of our clients have lives that they do not want jeopardized. Don’t draw attention to yourself or the client .
DO NOT send your drop to your booker. ONLY to the management.

Payment and Doing your drop:
As you know this is a cash business. Part of your job is collecting cash from the clients and making sure you have the correct amount before starting your appointments. So let’s quickly go over that:
Be discreet about counting your cash, try to excuse yourself to the restroom if needed. Make sure your total donation is there. If its not all there politely point it out to your client.
Once you leave your appointment and have texted/called in done please separate your cash and the agencies. Some ladies prefer to keep 2 envelopes in their purse 1 for themselves and 1 for agency fees. How ever you are comfortable doing it but keeping them separate will make it easier to do your nightly drops.
As a new hire we require you to do your first drop after your first appointment, just to get you used to doing it.
We insist that you take a break between 2-4pm for an hour to grab something to eat, freshen up and make your afternoon drop. Then again after 11pm (9pm on fridays) to finish the night. All drops must be made at the end of every shift unless other arrangements have been made with management.
How to do your drop is really very easy! Just stop in a drug store, grocery store, convenience store and pick up a refill pack for Paypal. Make sure it is a reload card and not a Temporary Debit card. The clerk in the store can help you. Once you have that take it to the counter and have them load it.
scratch the back strip off carefully and take a picture of the card and text it over to your booker and then text the number 810-637-1504.
Please hold on to the receipt and the refill pack until we let you know its been loaded, just in case there are any problems with it.

Incall and traveling:
If you are interested in traveling to another area please let management know to make arrangements.
We do not pay for any incall locations with in your hometown.
We do pay for 40% of your hotel stay when traveling for up to 3 days.
We ask that your travel day is Sunday to ensure Monday you are in your location and ready to work.
When you arrive at the hotel let your booker know ASAP what your room number is and the address to the hotel. Plus anything that will help the booker get the clients to you. What streets are nearby, landmarks. Also how and where clients should park.
While at your hotel remember that you are there to work. Don’t socialize with other guests. It will only draw attention to yourself. This means no hanging out at the hotel bar or in areas where guests hang out.
Don’t smoke in your room during your shift. No one wants to enter a smelly room. If you must smoke in the room do it in the bathroom and freshen yourself up after.
Again make sure you have all your supplies needed for the day. Grab some snacks and water to keep yourself comfortable.

Easy right? After your first initial drop you will be able to make your drops at the end of every night. If you can not make it to do your drop that night please let your booker know and do it first thing in the morning. Remember, your booker does not get paid unless you send your agency fees over. We’re a team. We all help each other earn.

As always we are only a phone call away for questions, concerns or just a friendly chit chat!

Welcome to our team we have a real family atmosphere and look forward to you being a part of it!

Your job as a booking agent is as follows:

Key Things :

Upon starting models will be assigned her own Personal Booker (You) that will Screen and Book each appointment.
Her Booker (you) will provide her with the clients name, age, occupation, ethnicity. Address (that you have verified or at the very least looked up on google images) Also exact time of appt and donation for each appt.
Screening is very important. Please do not send a model out on an appointment that you have not screened properly.
Hotel appointments MUST be verified! Make sure that every client is in the room and that the room # is correct before model is allowed to leave for appointment. This is imperative to avoid time wasting. Also for the models safety.
Donations range $200 hh & $250 - 300 hr (this is flexible if the night is very slow)
You will make 10% of every nights total. You will not be paid until you have booked $1000. If you book over $1000 in one night there is a bonus. (remember if your model does not do their drop, you do not get paid)
Drops are made to the office ONLY! If there are questions about drops they need to be directed to the office staff.
Help models create a daily schedule that the 2 of you agree on. Suggested times are as follows:
In-calls - 9am - 6pm / 10am - 6pm / 11am - 7pm / 12pm - 8pm

Out-calls - 6pm - 1am

Stock photo's will be used on online campaign that look as much like each model as possible. This is between office staff and each model.
Stage name will be provided by marketing staff
New models will drop after very first appt then every 2 appts or end of shift which ever comes first.
DO NOT send a model on another gig until after the drop has been made.
Upon being assigned to your models please get to know their preferences: ie) mileage, types of clients they are comfortable with, nightly goals, neighborhoods, address and cross streets if in call.
Upon logging in every day let the booking manager know that you are ready to start the day. Any newassignments will be handed out at that time. Also, any issues from the night before will be discussed. At this point check in with your models. Find out when they will be ready. When they are ready let the office staff know to start their campaigns.
Please let the booking manager know of each successful appointment and the amount with the total tabulated thus far via text. Ie.) Samantha $350 total: 550
At the end of each shift please fill out your nightly log. Make sure you put all the appointments for each model and totals. If you do not complete the log at the end of the shift you will not be paid for that night. Remind your models to make their drops. Remember if they don't do their drops you do not get paid.
Let the booking manager know of any issues from the night before so that we can address them and make adjustments if needed.
** Inform model that agency does not dictate how appts are hosted. Agency only handles Marketing, Advertising, Screening, and Booking. **** THE MODELS

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